(1) No, because everything changes in the world. There are environmental changes, mental health changes, and people get sick, die, etc. There are always new studies about the same subject that we ca

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No, because everything changes in the world.  There are environmental changes, mental health changes, and people get sick, die, etc. There are always new studies about the same subject that we can learn from, so my faith in what I have learned about psychology has not waned in the least. I always keep an open mind about science.

Some studies can not be replicated for a number of reasons. One could be because there is too much time in between the original study and the replication study.  Another could be because there are inexperienced researchers doing the replication study. And finally, the quality of the replication study versus the quality of the original study could not be the same.

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I found one study that could not be replicated. It was a study about tempting fate versus protection effect. The original questionnaire was about insurance and who had it and what protections they needed.  The replication study was on the same except the participants were in other countries. The study could not be replicated because now, everyone in the country that the study was in must have insurance, whereas before they were not required.


The failures that take place when trying to replicate studies does not change my faith in what I have learned. I walked into this with an open mind and an understanding that there is not one object, person, place, or thing that ever stays the same, and time does not stand still. Changes are a daily occurrence and to be able to do the exact thing perfectly and exactly the same as before seems impossible.

I believe that some studies do not replicate because of environmental changes, and our genetic codes change over time. For example, which I feel is partly why someone might get diagnosed with a certain cancer later on in life, or even develop an allergy to a food that at one time they were not allergic to.

Psychological findings that might not replicate could be situational studies, surveys of opinions, mental health scenarios. We are exposed to many different situations and environments through life. One might end up with PTSD due to witnessing a murder which could change a person’s perspective and thought process completely; Therefore, changing the outcome of a study they may be involved in. In my opinion, an organism that can reproduce asexually might have more of a chance in being able to aid in the identical replication of a study because the genes are identical to the offspring, for example.



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