10 attributes of The Compassionate Samurai

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  • What are the 10 attributes of character? Collectively, why are they important have enhance? What does Klemmer mean when he says “excitement creates momentum, but character is the only thing that lasts?” Introduction
  • what is the relationship between synergy and trust in business? Why are they important to growth and success? Chapter 7
  • What does Klemmer mean when he says honesty breeds trust, and trust is essential for a business?” Chapter 5
  • What are the definitions of Bushido and samurai? Looking at these two terms, does Klemmer mean by compassionate samurai? Introduction
  • Football Coach Vince Lombardi would tell his teams, in a few hours we’ll all be back in here and you’ll either have reasons or results.” What does this mean for the compassionate samurai in terms of life and commitment? Chapter 1
  • What is the definition for abundance shared in class? What is the difference between an abundant mindset and a scarcity mindset? Chapter 8
  • What is the difference between an oarsman and an advisor? Give an example. not the same one that’s in the book. From a business perspective which is most beneficial to have on your team? Chap10
  • Klemmer says compassionate samurai anchor their vision and let reality 8, adjust. people anchor in reality and let their vision adjust. What does he mean and what are the implications of these statements regarding success and failure. Chapter 8
  • A deer can easily outmaneuver a car, but focusing on the wrong thing causes it to be paralyzed by the circumstance and end up hit. Explain this in light of the compassionate samurai who is focused, but still aware of everything going on around him with 360-degree awareness. Chapter 4
  • Average people attend one seminar and think they are all the same and quit. Why is this a problem? Chapter 10
  • What is the acronym for: a. FOCUS b. FEAR

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