15 paragraph management project please follow everything carefully

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Conduct a “mini” job/work analysis and evaluate your fit for the job – both person-job fit and person-organization fit. Length is not an issue; what matters most is that you have concisely integrated a body of rich information. I encourage you to do outside research and use your book and results from assessments as resources to strengthen your paper. Make sure to cite your references (including websites) in APA format. Your answers to each question should be written separately (i.e., do not turn in a paper in single essay format). Please include section headings or other formatting to make it easier for me to read and grade.

Format: Times New Roman, 12-point font, single-space, 1-inch margins

An “A” paper will:

  1. Be well written. The ideas are articulated in a logical, concise, integrated manner that flows well. The paper is not to be written in a conversational style, but instead in the same manner one would write an argumentative essay
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the material. The writer integrated material well (i.e., not merely a list of or restating of information).
  3. Provide new/unique insights. The writer demonstrated that he/she has carefully thought through and analyzed the material.
  4. Be carefully proofread. There is a lack of grammar, spelling, or other mistakes. The references are in APA format
  5. Be concise and logically coherent. The ideas are concisely articulated answer (as a rule of thumb a paragraph should not be more than 10 lines).

PART I: Job/Work Analysis

5 paragraphs total

You will analyze a specific job in terms of the responsibilities, performance expectations, and the corresponding worker attributes required in that position. You will also include a description of an organization and its culture that offers a job such as the one you have described.

  1. Analyze a Job. Choose a REAL job (find a job description online from a company’s website) that you want to have in the near future (i.e., do not choose a job that requires 5 years of experience) and describe the job demands and responsibilities.

Write a 1-paragraph description for each of 3 broad job demands (i.e., broad responsibilities). Each paragraph should include:

      • Tasks: The specific, narrow tasks of each broad job demand. Use O*Net and job description.
      • Performance Behaviors: What does excellent performance look like in each of the three job demands? Make sure your description describes specific employee behaviors (i.e., do not restate the tasks and job demands).
      • Person-Attributes: Describe 2 individual differences characteristics that would enable high performance for each broad job demand and map it back to the tasks and job demand. Be sure to include a wide range of the individual differences we talked about in class (i.e., do not only use the Big 5 in each answer).

  1. Describe the organizational culture. Choose an organization you would like to work for that offers the job you described in #1. Define the organization’s culture in terms of its core values and vision/mission. Do research on the company’s website and other articles that describe its culture.

Include the following:

    1. 1 paragraph describing the organization’s purpose and mission.
    2. 1 paragraph defining 3 core values or espoused assumptions of the organization and associated artifactsof the values in the organization.

Part II: P-J & P-O Fit Analysis

10 paragraphs total

You will use the information you have gathered over the semester (e.g., SAPA personality and RIASEC interests test reports) to assess the degree to which you fit the job.

  1. Analyze your person-job fit. Consider the individual differences traits or characteristics (e.g., personality, interests, abilities, values, etc.) that describe you in relation to the job and organization you described in Part I. What will you have to do to be a high performer? How will your characteristics enable high performance? 7 paragraphs total

Include the following:

    1. A detailed description of your top 4 personality traits (1 paragraph per trait) from the SAPA test.
      • Define the trait
      • Connect each trait to each of the 3 job domains (i.e., explain how it enables performance or inhibits performance)

    1. A detailed description of your top 3 RAISEC interests (1 paragraphs for each interest).
      • Define the interest
      • Connect each interest to each of the 3 job domains (i.e., explain how it enables performance). Give specific examples.
  1. Analyze your person-organization fit. In 1 paragraph explain how your traits, values, beliefs, and interests are related to the organizational culture. Specifically connect individual differences with values and mission of the organization.
  2. Summarize & make conclusions. Write1-paragraph summary and a 1-paragraph conclusion. Analyze and summarize your overall fit with the job and the organizational culture. Draw conclusions about your overall fit and whether you still want this job


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