(150-200 words) discussion post

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This week’s focus was on coronary heart disease. Dr. Greger calls it “America’s number-one killer.” Let’s take on that challenge today!

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Imagine that you have a close relative, say, an uncle, who had a mild heart attack last year. He is still overweight, doesn’t exercise, and has a stressful job at an IT company. He works from home so he’s close to food all day long. He travels to client sites about twice a month all over the United States.

You’re really fond of your uncle and you want him to live a long life! You want to help. And it seems he DOES listen to your advice.

Post #1 (150-200 words): Based on the research you’ve been reading and listening to this week, prepare a “lifestyle makeover” for your uncle. Take into account the recommendations you read about. And take into account the likely challenges your uncle may face when trying to follow your recommendations.


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