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STUDENT 1: (Joe)

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The prompt this week asks, “What is the government’s role in building businesses and creating jobs?” In the speech that President Obama gave while on his campaign trail in 2012, he made a comment in reference to business owners that they are not responsible for success that they have had in building their own business. Depending on your interpretation of the speech, you could see what he says does have some validity. In my opinion, the only validity there is that somewhere along the way, someone did help you. Whether it was paid help, the help of a mentor, or a friend, someone helped you. However, I cannot get on board with the fact that he was insinuating you should not take credit for your own business or that you are not responsible for its creation.

Moving on, the article “Role of Government in Business” lays out a few instances in which the government plays a role in business operations. The main role in which government is involved in business is regulation (Greechie, n.d.). For the sake of argument in response to my post, we are not talking about big government or small government and the difference in regulations that each respective form of government might impose, but solely the fact that the government does regulate such things as permissions, contracts, taxation, and protection of the consumers, employees, environment and investors (Greechie, n.d.). I came across an article that states it is important to look at government as a partnership to businesses (Government’s Role, 2012). Government is responsible for the “scaffolding for education, infrastructure, basic science, security, and health” that allows for people to have jobs (Government’s Role, 2012). It is no secret that the government spends a lot of money. I have been in the military long enough to see that the military contracts out millions (probably billions) of dollars each year to private sector companies to perform work or provide them with some sort of service; in turn, creating jobs for the public.




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