3 question worksheet

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Think alongside Lakoff and try to put your own views (or your own family’s views) under the microscope. After you have spent some serious time here, then practice reading against the grain. What does Lakoff overlook? Where are his assertions too general? What is outdated?

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Make sure to answer these three questions along the way:

1. What are the two parent models that Lakoff presents? When they are transferred to politics, what are the main priorities of each model?

2. How does this reading force you to rethink the debates and results of the last presidential election (Trump vs Clinton)? Give me a good analysis here and throw in some quotes.

3. In terms of college financial aid (both FAFSA and merit/sport/FTIC scholarships), which logics of ‘fairness’ are being used? What parenting logic is being used? What should be changed here and why?

answers found in this reading:



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