3 questions 100 words each

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Week 1,

 DQ 1How can a safety
committee be a convenient and effective forum for identifying Human Resource
(HR) risks and management needs and for establishing risk management goals? How
does your current employer (or another organization of your choosing) handle
these challenges? Please support your answer with references in APA format

I would ask that you also
specifically consider HR risks in addition to the obvious safety issues.

Week 1, DQ 2

Looking at historical
claims data is one way to identify an organization’s risk, followed by
questions on whether the organization has taken appropriate action to prevent
further risk in those areas. Identify several types of Human Resource (HR)
risks in your employment setting (or another organization of your choosing) and
discuss if current risk mitigation strategies are sufficient.  Please
support your answer with references in APA format

try to think broadly. For
example, some may focus mainly on just workplace safety issues. My suggestion
is to go beyond just safety issues and also discuss other possible HR risks
that can affect your organization.

Week 1, DQ 3

Government agencies set an agenda for
public policy with laws and regulations. Discuss why employment and
business laws and regulations are necessary and/or important, andalsodiscuss potential problems with governmental regulation and
control. Please support your answer with references in APA format. 

discuss specific regulations which you may have in


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