3 sides of a conflict

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3 Sides of a Conflict: The objective of this assignment is to apply the dialectical perspective to synthesize new insights on an intercultural conflict of your choice. This conflict should be one that has been documented in history, academic literature, or in credible websites and media reports. It can either have occurred in an international or a domestic setting. Through this project, it is expected that you will demonstrate your understanding and application of key concepts and frameworks discussed in this class. You will select two cultural groups, countries, subcultures, or so on, that are currently or have historically been in conflict with each other.

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You will want to choose a conflict event that is well-known in order to be able to find sources of information. Conduct a search of news reports, magazine articles, journal papers, credible websites, books, interviews, documentaries, etc. that document the conflict. In your project, you will present the conflict from the perspective of both cultural groups. You will identify and explain the roles of each side’s cultural values, identities, and multiple histories played in the conflict (and each side’s view of the conflict), and how the dialectical perspective might be applied for our holistic understanding of the intercultural conflict.

Your project should be presented as either a 2-3 page paper (+ a reference page for sources)

Formatting & Citation Requirements for Paper •

  • Your paper should be between 2-3 pages, plus a reference page for your sources.
  • Use 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins and APA style citation throughout the paper
  • Provide in-text citations for the sources that you referenced when writing your paper AND provide a reference list of the sources cited at the end of the paper. Cite all sources that you use, both in text and in the reference section. Both in-text citations and reference list citations should follow APA guidelines provided in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed-2019). [You may refer to OWL Purdue (Links to an external site.)for brief examples of the APA style]
  • When you cite online material, please be very specific. Note the website section and subsection where you found the information.

Layout and Organization •

The paper should be organized in the following manner:

Introduction • (1/2 page – 1 page)

  • Provide an succinct overview of the intercultural conflict that your paper will be address. Introduce the key players (cultural groups), the duration and specific events of the conflict and the key issues at stake.
  • Highlight areas where the perspective of events is consistent in both cultural groups (what do they agree on)
  • Highlight areas where the perspective of events is different or contradictory (what do they differ on)

Body of the paper • (1- 2 pages)

  • Highlight appropriate and applicable course concepts, including but not limited to cultural values, multiple histories, and cultural identity, to explain why the conflict is narrated consistently and inconsistently by the two parties.
  • Asection specifically applying the dialectical perspective to the intercultural conflict. To thoroughly address the dialectical perspective, you must explain the different dialectical tensions (see textbook) as they apply to the conflict. Discuss in more general terms how the dialectical perspective helped you understand the conflict. Make recommendations on how to be inclusive of multiple parties and perspectives in attempting to resolve intercultural conflicts.
  • You must include in-text citations throughout the body of the paper to show where your claims and information come from. Failure to include these citations in the paper will result in significant point loss.

Bibliography •

  • An alphabetical list of all sources consulted and used when creating the report (use the APA format for citing sources–consult the APA Style Manual).

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