4 page paper research on Z alexander Looby

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Essentially it is a portion of this group project that I am in. This portion is a 4 page paper that has to include the following. What part I contributed to the project (I am in charge to research the guy himself), Process of what I found (Discussion of process of gathering and analyzing information) (sources). Lastly, how it relates to civil rights and class topic (include any relation to the Ivory Perry reading that was used in the previous paper).

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Ivory Perry Read: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_GVy5dx3deXwc2NpI…

The topics I have to research on him:

·Background information (bio)

·What he was known for (significance) and in what places (Nashville)

·Events that were going on around this time in the gov. that relates

·Politics of today (results of what he helped achieve till this day in age).

Person: Z Alexander Looby

·Use footnotes for quoting and paraphrasing.

·Use class book a bit, along with any outside sources

Sources I have found using Databases


See attached PDF


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