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Part of treating co-occurring disorders is being familiar with different community treatment options, and knowing when to refer a client to community resources. One such community resource for addiction is the Needle Exchange program. When these programs were first being proposed in the 1980s, there was a lot of debate about their merit. People had very strong opinions either in support of them or against them.

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Your task is to review literature related to Needle Exchange programs and answer the questions posed. You may use the internet, library, peer reviewed literature, brochures, contact needle exchange programs for information, or use other resources. It will be interesting for you to see whether these programs have been found to be effective or not.

You MUST cite your sources. For example, if you are going to discuss rates of HIV, relapse, etc., you must indicate where you got the information from. If your discussion does not include a reference as to where you found the information, credit will not be awarded. Also, keep in mind that failure to properly reference information can result in a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy.

Please discuss the following, and number each response.

1. What is the purpose of Needle Exchange programs?

2. What are three arguments in favor of Needle Exchange


3. What are three arguments against Needle Exchange programs?

4. After looking at both sides of the issue, would you support

referring a client to a Needle Exchange program if he or she met

the appropriate criteria and level of care? Support your stance.


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