5-6 PAGES Environment and Society Paper Assignment

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In this course, we have discussed the growing power of corporate polluters in the Trump era. The environmental movement, as well as environmental protection agencies within the state, have come under increased political pressure from organized corporate interests, especially those associated with what I term the “polluter-industrial complex.” This has resulted in what many consider to be a profound crisis of environmental politics in America.

Utilizing the class readings, lectures, and/or films, discuss a specific strategy or tactic that is currently being utilized by the polluter-industrial complex to rollback environmental/climate change policy. You will likely have to do additional research to provide an authoritative account of the particular dimension you have chosen as your topic. For instance, you may focus on the manner in which the Trump administration is removing data on climate change from federal government websites. Or perhaps you will provide an analysis of campaign money from corporate polluters in the 2016 election? Or perhaps focus on trade policy. Your paper should provide some general context for the specific strategies or tactics that you will discuss. Please devote 2-3 pages to this discussion.

In part 2 of the paper, provide an additional 2-3 pages discussion of what you (or others) consider to be the solution(s) to the issues outlined in part 1. In particular, you might discuss what you consider to be the primary political, economic, and/or social obstacles standing in the way of a comprehensive resolution to the environmental crisis given the specific strategies and tactics you discuss. What types of structural changes, policies, and/or strategies might the environmental movement pursue in order to overcome these obstacles. You may want to focus on the need for campaign finance reform, for instance. Regardless, there is a great deal of freedom for you to focus on those solutions you find most compelling. Whatever your focus, however, please be sure to analyze why the changes that you propose are required, as well as why they might be effective. You must use at least two readings from the class!


The final paper shall consist of five to six pages (c.1250 – 1500 words). The paper must be typed, double-spaced! Please include a title page and indicate your college year and major. Be sure to also include a bibliography and/or footnotes page, and to cite your sources. PROOFREAD YOUR WORK!


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