5 questions on litigation 250-500 words each with works cited

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  • Please describe the difference between personal jurisdiction, venue, and subject matter jurisdiction. Then create a fact pattern that illustrates each of these three concepts. Remember that a fact pattern is a made up story that demonstrates a legal concept or legal concepts.
  • Fully explain the concept of privileged information. Include in your essay a recitation of the various types of evidentiary privileges, and discuss the public policy/rationale which underlies the concept of privilege. Who holds the privilege when it concerns attorney-client communication? How far does it extend? Are there any circumstances which override the privilege?
  • As we learned in Week#1, paralegals can complete several tasks at law firms. Please discuss some of the tasks that a paralegal can never complete.
  • Please discuss the difference between arbitration and meditation. What are the benefits and negatives of each form of alternative dispute resolution method? Why do some litigants opt to go to trial despite the benefits of mediation and arbitration?
  • Please read Alani Golanski’s law review article entitled, “Why Daimler Accommodates Personal Jurisdiction in Mass Tort Litigation” published recently in Albany Law School’s Law Review. Please briefly summarize the article including the author’s thesis.

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