50 words each question

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1.Give four examples of relevant documentation you could use in defining the parameters of a project.

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2.Referring to your current organisation, or an organisation you have previously worked for, identify where you would access project scope or other relevant documentation.

3.What is a stakeholder? You may define a stakeholder related to your organisation or an organisation you have previously worked for.

4.Identify one delegating authority within this project that had decision-making capabilities and give an example of an issue they made a decision on.

5.Referring to your current role or a previous one, list three of your responsibilities and give one example of a limit to your responsibilities

6.How can you clarify the relationship of your project to other projects? Explain in no more than 50 words.

7.Drawing on past experience, how do you clarify the relationship of your project to the organisation’s objectives? Explain in no more than 50 words.

8.Briefly describe a project you have undertaken, or give an example of a possible project and describe a resource that would help you in this project. Also, state how you could access this resource.

9.Demonstrate how you can access an appropriate project management tool. This activity can take place in a workplace environment or simulated setting. It will need to be observed by the trainer/assessor or third party.

10.What would a risk management plan include? List three different things.

11.Identify a potential WHS risk in your current or previous workplace.

12.Describe how you should begin to develop a project budget, including three different techniques you could use to identify project costs.

13.List two verbal communication and two written communication methods you can use to consult with team members about planning the project.

14.List four steps you might need to take to gain approval of the project plan from project authorities.

15.Explain what an organisational chart is and how it can help you to ensure project team members know their responsibilities.

16.Name two other methods you could use to ensure team members are clear about their responsibilities.

17.Name three different ways you can support a team and describe one of these in detail.

18.Name four different reasons why records need to be kept and maintained.

19.When establishing a recordkeeping system one of the first things to think about is the system requirements. Give two examples of system requirements.

20.How can you determine the scale of the record-keeping system required? Explain in no more than 30 words.

21.Give a brief description of how you would implement and monitor a financial plan.

Outline how you should complete each of the following aspects of completing a project report, so it is ready to be forwarded to stakeholders:

Planning and researching

Report structure

Proofreading and checking the finished document.

22.To manage risks, you will need to review risks regularly to maintain the currency of the risk plan and ensure project outcomes are met. Give three examples of risk review processes.

23.Monitoring and controlling project risks should be a cyclical process and should continuously occur. What stages/elements are involved?

24.Provide a definition, around one or two paragraphs long, of a project deliverable, and include two different examples.

25.How can you check you have achieved deliverables? Explain in no more than 50 words.


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