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  • Explain deterrence and apply it to the case of Russia and Austria-Hungary in 1918 (sources: lectures, Fromkin)
  • Explain the security dilemma and apply it to one case (sources: lectures, Doyle)
  • Explain the significance of systemic stability and instability and the balance of power (sources: lectures, Doyle)
  • Explain how structural theory accounts for the causes of war (sources: lectures, Doyle)
  • Provide an institutional explanations of the crisis of 1914 (sources: lectures, Fromkin)
  • Explain how bargaining can affect the chances of war or peace (sources: lectures, Doyle)
  • Explain the short-war illusion problem and deterrence failure in 1914 (sources: lectures, Fromkin)
  • Explain Serbia’s decision to fight in 1914 in terms of a war of retribution (sources: lectures, Fromkin)

1. You MUST use the sources in parentheses. You can also use other sources if they are relevant to you paper, but you are not required to use any sources beyond the ones in the parentheses. Please include in-text citations and a bibliography at the end of the paper (which will not count toward your page total).

2. This essay will go through TurnItIn, similarity need to be less than 10%.

3. ON Time


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