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My name is waroud alenezi I’m from Saudi Arabia, and I have to write a paper about a cross-cultural body and I choose a friend from china to write about and I want you to imagine or pretend that you are me and write about a friend from chain which is a female from china and her name is Lena Weimin you can say that I had dinner with her family and we talk about chain history a pit and we went to a chiness museum in Washington dc since we live here and we cooked middle eastern food and chicness food with her mom

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This is what you need to do

building a relationship with someone from a different cultural background and consider its relevance for international business. Paper should comply with the attached assignment, 6+ pages (double spaced) and clearly describe any cultural differences you identify. Have fun building a relationship. Do a good job researching the topic. Seek out additional information for insight into differences in values and behaviors and the economic activities that are at stake.


Lena Weimin


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