[700 words] Compensation and Benefits ( Human resources management)

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Chapter 6

Complete the three questions based on the case scenario found at the end of chapter 6 titled: “PTO: Too Little or Too Much?” Here are the three questions to be answered:

  1. What cost considerations would you take into account when revising this part of your compensation plan?
  2. What other considerations would you take into account when developing a new PTO plan?
  3. Propose a new plan and estimate the cost of your plan in an Excel spreadsheet. Prepare it as if you will be presenting your recommendation to the management team, including the Director of HR.

Be sure to cite appropriate research to support your conclusions and recommendations.

Chapter 8

Deliverables: Please submit a Word file for questions 1-2 and a Word or Excel file for question 3.

  1. Create a Venn diagram that represents how your knowledge, skills, and abilities combine to create who you are as an employee. The Venn diagram can be designed in any format that works for you. Examples include (format examples only/not content-specific):
  2. Explain how the components of the diagram work together to make you an ideal candidate for the next job in a career that interests you.
  3. Discuss why it is important for HR professionals to understand employees’ knowledge, skills, and abilities when designing training programs.
  4. Discuss the factors you would need to consider if you were responsible for creating a training program that would be most beneficial for yourself and others like you.

Deliverables: Create and submit your document to this assignment.

Example outline of document:

Venn diagram

Discussion of Venn diagram

Discussion of KSAs and the design of training programs generally

Discussion of the training program that would be beneficial for you and others like you



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