8 questions short answers – (IT Strategy issues and practices book) IT Strategy and Governance

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Short answer

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17. (20pts) Consider three ways/methods a company can use to prioritize (IT) projects.

A. List them

B. Provide a brief description for each of the methods

C. Name a benefit and a shortcoming of each of the methods and when you would recommend using each.

18. (20pts) Name two significant barriers to IT conversion that exist and provide real world examples in which each of the barriers were overcome for a project’s success or in which they were not overcome and the projects were impaired or failed as a result.

19. (20pts) A real world example (with URL) of each of the five types of IT initiatives.

20. (20pts) Find a company that you believe or can prove is not delivering IT value successfully. Evaluate which principle(s) you believe they are not following (with references for why you believe that to be the case) and propose how you improve the situation (with actionable specifics).

21. (20pts) Find a current or former company that has been disrupted (ie significant loss of revenue, market share, bankruptcy). Reference the year that this occurred and the cause. Using critical success factors, what changes would you have made 2 years prior as the CTO of that company?

22. (25pts) Identify a company that uses shared services.

  1. List one or more of their shared services

  1. Determine the actual cost of outsourcing one of the shared services.
    (Make assumptions where necessary, use references, actual numbers)

  1. Make a recommendation of another shared service not currently utilized today and list pros and cons for evaluating whether to make it a shared service.

(be specific to this service proposal)

  1. Indicate which stage of IT maturity both the evaluated and proposed service are

23. (20pts) You are the CIO of a household services company, make the case for your preferred sourcing option for Application Development. Include evaluation of each of the applicable criteria in your justification.


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