A reaction paper over Free will and Free wont

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1. You will be given one (1) journal article during the semester to write a reaction

paper. This paper MUST be submitted electronically through Turnitin.com by

the appointed time and date posted in the module Writing Assignment. No late

papers will be accepted for any reason.

2. This paper is to be approximately five (5) pages in length, not including the

references. The text of the paper starts on page one with; a) the title of the paper,

b) the author(s) name(s), date of publication and c) your name, course number and

name, department, university, and the due date (see sample paper). The text

starts immediately after. The paper must be in APA format and typed using MS

Word with a font size of 12 pt (please use spell checker and grammar checker).

The link below will direct you to a web site that can help you with APA format.


3. You are to find three (3) articles that support the article’s position and three (3)

articles that provide an alternative position to the target article. Articles that are

acceptable for citation must be from scientific journals or scholarly texts (see

sample references for formatting). Popular press and web site articles are not

acceptable for reaction papers.

4. The paper should include: a) the article’s position; b) evidence supporting the

article’s position; c) evidence for an alternative position; and d) what position you

take and the evidence that convinced you to take that position. To enhance critical

thinking, advance reasoning, and writing skills, your arguments must be based on

empirical evidence and the scientific literature. Opinions and speculations should

be kept to a minimum. Faith based arguments, such as the bible or god, are not

acceptable arguments for your reaction papers.

5. After writing your paper you must submit your paper to Smarthinking in Canvas

or have it reviewed by the Writing Center. Smarthinking is an on-line writing

center that will assist you in your writing. You may also get assistance from the

University Writing Center located in the Helen T. Chick building.

6. Your paper MUST be submitted to me through Turnitin.com (see Canvas for

submission of reaction papers).


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