Addressing Behavioral Risk Factors

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  • Select one of the behavioral risk factors from the Healthy
    Population 2010 Objectives (listed in Table 7.1 on p. 122 of the course
    text) that is of interest to you.
  • Using the Walden Library and other credible websites, research how this risk factor is affecting your community or state.
  • With your selected risk factor in mind, review the information on
    the Population-Based Intervention Model on pp. 132-137 in the course
    text, Health Care Delivery in the United States. In particular,
    focus on the concept of downstream, midstream, and upstream
    interventions. Consider at least one intervention that could be put into
    place at each stage. Write a description of the behavioral risk factor you selected and how this
    factor is impacting your community or state. Using the Population-Based
    Intervention Model, suggest at least one intervention that could be put
    into place at each stage (downstream, midstream, and upstream) to ensure
    that a health prevention program addressing the behavioral risk factor
    would have a greater chance at succeeding. Justify why each intervention
    you identified would be effective.

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