Allure Antiquity Appraise Cleave Depreciate Facet Facsimile Impervious Nondescript Quandary Repose Scintillate Scrutinize

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Allure                  Antiquity

Appraise             Cleave

Depreciate          Facet

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Facsimile              Impervious

Nondescript        Quandary

Repose                 Scintillate

Scrutinize             Synthetic

Transmute             Lapse

Adroit                    Raucous

Demeanor              Tacit

fill in the blanks

The judge would not accept the document because it was a __________ and he required an original signature.

Property on the beach will rarely  __________, making it an excellent investment.

The family inherited some jewelry and antiques and wanted to __________ the value in case of theft.

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