American Literature?

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For Parts I and II, focus on a different assigned reading from the course syllabus and quote passages to illustrate your observations.

PART I: Identify the reading from this week which resonated the most with you. Discuss your reaction or connection to the piece.

  • “What you Pawn I will Redeem” by Sherman Alexie
  • PART II: Based on all the readings done up to this point, what, in your opinion, are the most important characteristics that distinguish American literature? Do you think that our literature is a good representation of ‘American Identity’? Refer to at least one specific reading to answer this question. Quote passages from the reading to illustrate your observations.

  • “The Long Way Home” by Lahiri Jhumpa
  • Article is attached!
  • Citation: Lahiri, Jhumpa. “THE LONG WAY HOME; COOKING LESSONS.” The New Yorker, vol. 80, no. 25, Sep 06, 2004, pp. 083-84, Military Database,
  • PART III: Which contemporary author do you think will represent the early 21st century in an American literature class of the future? What do you think this writer brings to the table that is representative of American life or that shows a distinct and important cultural trend or message/theme that is worth studying? Refer to specific works to illustrate your claims.

  • You can choose an author that is easy for you to write about.

    INITIAL POST must meet the 200-word minimum requirement. For Parts I and II, include quotes from the assigned readings with MLA in-page and bibliographical citations. Balance answers: give each part equal attention.

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