Analysis of Why target fail in Canada

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The intent of this project is for you to inform yourself and your fellow classmates about how the content
in the course is applied to the real world. Each group will be provided with a current topic in international
management that stems from the content we are learning about in the class. The project utilizes a
contextual and comparative approach.

Note: this handout is indented to provide you with general guidelines for the project. By following these
guidelines, you will be able to learn about the big picture of the issue (topic). Specific details and
guidelines for each topic each team will receive at the mandatory meeting with the professor.

Prior the meeting with the professor, a group will need to develop an outline of the project which
describes the directions that the group will take. Prior to the meeting with the professor the group
will need to answer the following questions (you will need to provide your answers during the
mandatory meeting with the professor):

  • What is your research question (what do you want to learn from this project)?
    o Your research question should focus on multinational corporations(MNCs),their
    strategies, managerial practices, etc. Your research question SHOULD NOT focus on
  • How this topic is related to the concept(s) of International Management covered during a

  • What are the takeaways from this project?
    • o What do you want us to learn and remember from your presentation?
      In order to help you better understand the topic, your team needs to research the following:
  • What is the issue?
  • Who are the major players?
  • How is this issue related to International Management and the concepts studied in the class?
  • o Think about the material covered in international management and international business
  • What do the “experts” have to say?
  • Why should we care (from International Management perspective)?

Paper –

The paper should provide an in-depth analysis of the current issue. The report should be 10 double-spaced
pages in APA style and has to include citations in the body of the paper as well as the separate reference
section at the end of the paper. References from Wikipedia will not be accepted.

The paper should provide in-depth analyses of the selected topic and demonstrate the relevance of
the topic to the concept(s) of International Management. At least 3⁄4 of the length of the paper
should be in-depth analyses of the issue. In order to fulfill this requirement, your team must provide
unique (your own) analyses by utilizing case studies, theoretical perspectives covered in international management and international business, data analyses, etc. It is NOT the point of the assignment to restate or summarize someone
else’s views/analyses/perspectives. Instead, you should demonstrate critical thinking and analytical skills.

At least 3/4 of the length of the paper should be in-depth analyses of the issue!

At least 3/4 of the length of the paper should be in-depth analyses of the issue!

At least 3/4 of the length of the paper should be in-depth analyses of the issue!

Focus more on recommendation and solutions!

No plagiarism!!!

Sample of Research Resources –

Students are encouraged but not required to use the following sources:

International Business News Sources:

  • Aljazeera News (
  • Aljazeera Business (
  • ABC News (
  • ABYZ News Links (
  • Barrons (
  • BBC (
  • Bloomberg (
  • Business 2.0 (
  • Business Daily (
  • Business Week Global Business (
  • Business Wire (
  • Canada Newswire (
  • CBS news (
  • Christian Science Monitor (
  • CFO (
  • CIO (
  • CNBC Business (
  • C-NET (
  • CNN (
  • CNNmoney (
  • CNN Money International (
  • ComputerWorld (
  • Drudge Report (
  • The Economist (
  • The Economist Business (
  • Economist Intelligence Unit (
  • European Internet News (EIN) News (
  • Fast Company (
  • Finance Journal (
  • Financial Times (
  • Forbes (
  • Foreign Policy (
  • Fortune (
  • Fox News (
  • Global Trading (
  • Globe and Mail (
  • Inc. (


  • International Herald Tribune Business (
  • Investor’s Business Daily (
  • Intl. Centre for Trade & Sustainable Development (
  • Kiplinger’s (
  • Journal of Commerce (
  • Le Monde (
  • London Times (
  • MSNBC News (
  • Multinational Monitor (
  • News Now (
  • Newsweek (
  • New York Times (
  • PR Newswire (
  • Reuters (
  • Singapore Business Times (
  • Smart Money (
  • Strategy & Business (
  • TIME (
  • UPI (
  • US News (
  • USA Today World News Stories (
  • WN Business (
  • Wall Street Journal (
  • Wired (
  • Yahoo Finance: International News (
  • World Economist (
  • World Economic Forum Worldlink (
  • World Press Review (
  • Yale Global Online (
    Government and Non-Government Organizations:
  • U.S. Department of Commerce Basic Guide to Exporting
  • U.S. Department of Commerce Export Portal (
  • Office of Trade and Industry Information, U.S. Department of Commerce (
  • International Trade Centre (ITC) (UNCTAD/WTO)(
  • United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) (
  • World Trade Organization (WTO) (
  • Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)(
  • Inter-American Development Bank(
  • World Bank (
  • GlobalEDGE at Michigan State University(

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