Analyzing Advertisement Culture

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analyzing, evaluating, and researching how other’s purposefully target the personal through media. For this project, you will choose a specific advertisement for which you are a target demographic, analyze how it is attempting to connect with its consumers through the use of cultural values, and evaluate the effectiveness of these techniques. You are required to synthesize two types of sources to evaluate the ad (but use as many of each as you want):

  1. An article or chapter introduction from Maasik and Solomon
  2. A peer-reviewed, scholarly article found through outside research
    – consider researching rhetorical/marketing/advertising techniques, consumer culture, celebrity endorsement, guilt ads, scare tactics, logical fallacies, etc.

Synthesize these components into a cohesive evaluation of the advertisement’s methods and effectiveness.

Your final draft should include a focused thesis which makes a claim about the advertisement, and each body paragraph should be developed around MLA documented support. Your Works Cited must include an entry for each of your sources as well as the advertisement.

Some suggestions (WIP):

Introduction: Keep this focused on the point of the prompt. (Save your summary of the advertisement for a body paragraph.)

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