Analyzing Google Analytics Reports

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This journal assignment will provide you with an opportunity to look more closely at Google Analytics reports to reach conclusions about the provided data.

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As a marketer for Company ABC, you have launched a mobile marketing campaign that uses push, pull, and in-app strategies. Your marketing objective is to promote your company’s new widget. What does the data in the Google Analytics Reports document tell you about the mobile marketing strategy? For example, how many users visited your website? What was your bounce rate? What mobile device was used to visit your site? What are the geographics, demographics, active users, page views, and so on? Based on your marketing objective, how can answering these questions help you understand the effectiveness of the campaign?

Use the information provided in Digital Analytics Fundamentals: Lesson 5.1 Reporting Overview and Digital Analytics Fundamentals: Lesson 5.2 Audience Reports to talk about what businesses can learn from Google Analytics to improve their marketing. Use your imagination and have fun!

For additional details please refer to the following documents:

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