Ancient History Paper

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For your second paper, you will read Suetonius’ biography of Nero and Pope Gregory’s biography of St. Benedict. The Nero reading can be found on Blackboard under course content. The Benedict reading can be found as at this site- https://muse-jhu-edu.montgomerycollege.idm.oclc.or…

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You will have to put in your MC ID to access this reading. : M20932785

The paper should be at least 5 pages, 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, one-inch margins. I encourage you to use brief quotes from the readings to buttress your arguments. You must cite when quoting from the readings and whenever you choose to use outside sources (although you are not required to consult outside sources). Compare and contrast the these two individuals- Nero and Benedict. Focus especially on their character, their personality, their effectiveness as leaders, their family relationships. And compare the two biographers, Suetonius and Gregory. How is Gregory’s approach at writing biography similar to Suetonius? How do their attitudes to their subjects differ? Why do you think these authors are so different?

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