Annotated Bibliography Social Contract, Lack of access to healthcare in the United States

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Lack of access to healthcare in the United States

Project 3: Annotated Bibliography (100 points)

This Assignment Measures the Following Course Objectives

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4. Apply grammar and usage rules correctly.

5. Evaluate library and online resources relevant to a specific topic.

8. Properly document sources through in-text parenthetical and end-of-text bibliographic documentation according to MLA or APA in order to avoid plagiarism.

PURPOSE: Introduces students to other databases (Proquest, Gale, etc) and source evaluation. Reinforces reading and analysis skills, summary, and citation skills while emphasizing issues about plagiarism.

GOALS: Students will complete the research for their upcoming research project. Students will locate, evaluate, and analyze sources for an academic audience.

Genre Options

Annotated Bibliography


See materials related to social contract theory, the focus of Project 4

Intended Audience

Academic Audience

Minimum Requirements:

Source Requirements

8 academic sources

3 minimum must be PGCC library database resources

1 source must be an academic, peer-reviewed journal article

Length Requirements

Will vary with formatting (4+ pages) 


· All sources should be appropriate for an academic audience

· At least 3 sources should come from the PGCC Databases

· Includes at least 1 peer-reviewed source that is appropriate to the writer’s reading level and to the assignment

· Includes an introductory paragraph(s) to introduce the research topic and its importance/relevance

· Each source is presented in correct MLA format

· Annotation for each source includes both summary of main claims and evidence
and also analysis of rhetorical situation and appropriateness of source for the research question.



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EGL 1010

Day Month Year


Introduce your research topic and its importance / relevance. This section should be one paragraph.

Annotated Bibliography

Insert the source, properly cited in MLA-Style, as it would appear in the works cited page.

Summary (these sections can be done in paragraph form or bulleted list as seen here):

· Summarize the source.

· Identify the rhetorical situation: Main claims, audience, purpose and context. Include at least one direct or paraphrased quote from the article to support one of these elements. The quote must be cited in-text using MLA-Style. If you would like to expand this section more, you can also identify other elements of the rhetorical situation, such as: form, tone and tools.

· This section mirrors the work you did in the Single-Source Analysis Assignment.

Source Evaluation:

· Explain why this is a credible source. Use your findings from the Source Evaluation Worksheet to guide this section. If you find a source is not credible, do not include it in the Annotated Bibliography.


· Explain how / why this source is useful to your research.

Begin your next source. Sources need to be in alphabetical order based on the first piece of information in the entry, just as on a works cited page.

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