Answer each of the questions in 60 – 100 words. All answers need to come from the text below

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Each response should be approximately 60 – 100 words. Each question number reflects the material from that chapter.

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1. One of the most striking features of Indian societies at the time of the encounter with Europeans was their diversity. Support this statement with several examples.
2. Describe who chose to emigrate to North America from England in the seventeenth century and explain their reasons.
3. If you traveled from New England to the South, how would you describe the diversity you saw between the different colonies?
4. How was an African-American collective identity created in the colonies before 1763? What role did slave rebellions play in that process?
5. How did new ideas of liberty contribute to tensions between the social classes in the American colonies?
6. Why did the Revolution cause more radical changes in Pennsylvania than elsewhere, and how was this radicalism demonstrated in the new state constitution?
7. What were the major arguments in support of the Constitution given by the Federalists?
8. Whose status was changed the most by the War of 1812 – that of Great Britain, the United States, or Native Americans? Why?
9. What role did immigrants play in the new market society?
10. According to Martin Van Buren, why were political parties a desirable element of public life? What did he do to build the party system?
11. Describe the difference between gang labor and task labor for slaves, and explain how slaves’ tasks varied by region across the Old South.
12. How did white women’s participation in the abolitionist movement push them to a new understanding of their own rights and oppression?
13. What do the California gold rush and the opening of Japan reveal about the United States’ involvement in a global economic system?
14. Describe how President Lincoln’s war aims evolved between 1861 and 1863, changing from simply preserving the Union to also ending slavery.
15. By what methods did southern whites seek to limit African-American civil rights and liberties? How did the federal government respond?

Give Me Liberty!: An American History (Brief Fifth Edition) (Vol. 1)

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