Answer the four managerial accounting questions

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In chapter 3, you are introduced to the basic concepts of managerial accounting. The mindset of a managerial accountant is completely different from that of a financial accountant.

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  1. List three of the significant differences between financial accounting and managerial accounting.
  2. In what ways is a merchandising company different than a manufacturing company? Be sure to provide examples to demonstrate your understanding of the differences.
  3. How does a company go about calculating Cost of Goods Manufactured?
  4. Compute the unit product cost based on the following information:

Units produced 10,000
Units sold 8,000
Beginning RM $12,000 and Ending RM $8,000
Beginning WIP $0 and Ending WIP $3,500
Beginning FG $0 and Ending FG $2,000
Purchases $22,000
Direct Labor $10,000
Rent on plant $4,000

Rent on office $2,000

Be sure to show your work for question #4

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