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Develop an interview questionnaire to be used in a family-focused
functional assessment. The questionnaire must include three
open-ended, family-focused questions to assess functional health
patterns for each of the following:

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  1. Values/Health Perception
  2. Nutrition
  3. Sleep/Rest
  4. Elimination
  5. Activity/Exercise
  6. Cognitive
  7. Sensory-Perception
  8. Self-Perception
  9. Role Relationship
  10. Sexuality
  11. Coping

Select a family, other than your own, and seek permission from the
family to conduct an interview. Utilize the interview questions
complied in your interview questionnaire to conduct a family-focused
functional assessment. Document the responses as you conduct the interview.

Upon completion of the interview, write a 750-1,000-word paper.
Analyze your assessment findings. Submit your questionnaire as an
appendix with your assignment.

Include the following in your paper:

  1. Describe the family structure. Include individuals and any
    relevant attributes defining the family composition, race/ethnicity,
    social class, spirituality, and environment.
  2. Summarize the
    overall health behaviors of the family. Describe the current health
    of the family.
  3. Based on your findings, describe at least
    two of the functional health pattern strengths noted in the
    findings. Discuss three areas in which health problems or barriers
    to health were identified.
  4. Describe how family systems
    theory can be applied to solicit changes in family members that, in
    turn, initiate positive changes to the overall family functions over

Cite at least three peer-reviewed or scholarly sources to complete
this assignment. Sources should be published within the last 5 years
and appropriate for the assignment criteria.


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