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  • Application Length– your application should be no more than one page in length. There is no need to create a cover page. There is also no need to include a long header with your name, my name, and the class. That takes up unnecessary space on the page. In the header of the document you can place your name and application number and that should be fine.
  • Application submission– all applications are submitted to me via blackboard by 5 p.m. on the Friday of the week they are assigned
  • Application Lateness– Any applications turned in after 5 pm will loose 25% off their grade. Exceptions to that are one a case by case basis.
  • Grammar and punctuation– Submitted a response that is one paragraph in length will result in you loosing 20% off your grade. Proper grammar and punctuation is expected in your responses.


Read over and discuss the scenario that you have been assigned

Identify things that can be done to help the person in your scenario from each of the four broad types of supportive behaviors or acts

Emotional Support: involves the provisions of empathy, love, trust, and caring

Instrumental Support: involves the provision of tangible aid and services that directly assist a person in need

Informational Support: the provision of advice, suggestions, and information that a person can use to address problems

Appraisal Support: involves the provision of information that is useful for self evaluation purposes- in other words, constructive feedback and affirmation.

Jennifer is a new students enrolled . The week before midterms she gets a call from home that her father has lost his job and the bills are stacking up. Jennifer is faced with the decision of having to leave school and work full time in order to help her family to survive.


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