​Architectural Criticism

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Architectural Criticism

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The project asks to look into how architecture professional community addresses a particular “communication issue” when it arises. Architectural criticism is a communication issue between architects and other architects, architects with the professions (architecture critics), and architects with a public (normal people). Obviously, this is a communication issue.

  • Intro:

Describe what architectural criticism.Why does this issue exist? Do we need architectural criticism?

Why Architectural Criticism Matters? What makes “good” architecture criticism?

  • Thesis and Bodies:

The thesis should have the three points:

1- Some people say only architects have the right to criticize other architects work

Because they know about it. (How the architects communicate with public and people ?). Do the architects explain and talk about their work? How and where architects talk about their work?

What can happen if the architects do NOT explain their work and designs to the public? Does this give people or professions (architecture critics) a chance to do that?


2- Some people also say only professions (architecture critics) have the right to criticize the architects work because of the absent of architects. And this point brings a question: why do we have people who work a full time jobs as architecture critics? Why do we need their architectural criticism? Is that due to the absence of architects who explain their work and designs or using their own language (vocabulary) which, give others a chance to do that


3- Others say normal people have the right to criticize architects work because people walk among buildings and live inside them on it. However, they do not know what theyare talking about.

Is this because some architects do not explain their work, which gives other people to talk about it?


  • Conclusion:

What would need to change in order for this communication issue to be solved? Whose responsibility is it to solve the issue?

Important to note:

1- At least, use 3 sources and lest them in references.

2- Use MLA format.

3- Keep it simple and easy to understand.

Thank you!


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