Are women throughout industrialized countries swimming upstream in the wage gap?

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Race Relations Research draft Paper Description

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This research paper gives students a chance to explore an important topic related to race, incorporating course themes and original research. So you know, you are not required to actually conduct research for
this paper. The professor just wants us all to explore the kinds of methods you would use
to answer your question.The paper should include:

A) An introduction where you set up the paper (provide context), and clearly outline your topic and/or question (1 page).

B) A literature review of scholarship (books, articles, etc.) on your area of interest, and how your question or similar questions have been discussed in the literature. This will be the longest part of your essay (5 pages).

C) A description of the type of research project you would potentially pursue to answer your question (this is a hypothetical exercise), and why you feel this is the best way to go about addressing your topic (1 page).

D) A conclusion tying together all elements of the paper, and stating the contribution your research will make to the study of race and race relations in general (1 page).

I have pasted below, my first page that i have started under outline. Please also include intersectionality. 8 pages all together double spaced. i also uploaded below a annual review example you can use. in addition,…

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