Argumentative essay(800 words)

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MLA format, At least 800 words. Don’t use rare words and long sentences since I’m a international student and I’m not able to write too complex essay. Just make it simply and good to understand.

The following is the requirement:

An argument essay works to provide insight on one side of an issue. When you have a firm position on something you will work to defend it. This means you will not go back and forth between sides. Your evidence will show which side you are on and why. Some students find this type of essay writing challenging, but if you can focus on a few important details it may be easier than you think. One aspect includes avoiding common mistake made while writing an argumentative essay (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。. The following points outline common errors and what you need to consider when avoiding them.

  • Failing to take their time writing a strong thesis statement. Many students try to rush the process of writing a thesis when you should take your time instead. This is what your paper is centered on and you need to be able to prove it clearly and concisely. A weak thesis may make the rest of your paper more difficult to write. You may have a hard time collecting evidence to support your main idea. Take your time and think about how you need to defend what you believe. The reader needs to understand this is the most important point on your paper.
  • Failing to choose a good topic. Your topic is another important element. It needs to be something of interest and something you believe in. You need to be able to make a clear stance on the issue or subject matter. Brainstorm ideas to make a wise choice. Think about your main point and how to support it with evidence.
  • Providing opinions on the subject matter. This is something you want to avoid. This is simply selecting a topic or issue and you provide evidence as to why you feel the way you do on the matter. You need to provide facts or general information that will hold up to the claim you are making. If you are against something, you will provide reasons why with supporting points for each reason.
  • Lack focus on the topic. Some students find their way off course with their content and get off topic. You want to avoid this by going back over your content and read it. Check sentences and paragraphs to ensure content stays on topic. Points mentioned should support your thesis.
  • Forgetting to cite sources. If you are required to cite sources make sure you do so correctly. Take good notes during resources on sources accessed.

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