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The final paper is a combination of your personal museum experience, the formal analysis, and the contextual analysis. You can use edited portions of your first two papers in your final paper.

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The final paper will focus on one aspect of the artwork and will include a coherent thesis statement. The remainder of the paper will discuss the artwork in terms of this main idea. Your paper should include an original interpretation of the artwork.

Consider what the different elements of the artwork mean and why.

Thesis Statement

Your paper will focus on a particular aspect of the artwork and will be explained in ONE SENTENCE, known as the thesis statement. The thesis statement is the last sentence in the first paragraph (introduction paragraph) and will tie together all of the different parts of your paper. Underline your thesis statement in the final paper.


Use the following outline as a template for writing your paper. You can slightly modify the outline below to fit your experience of the museum.

Paragraph 1. Introduction. Last sentence in this paragraph is your thesis and is underlined.

Paragraph 2. Your museum experience

Paragraph 3. Formal analysis of your artwork

Paragraph 4. Contextual analysis of your artwork

Paragraph 5. Personal Response

Paragraph 6. Conclusion

Images. Include the image(s) of your artwork and the label here. If you discuss other artworks in your paper then include an image of them also.

Label each image: Figure X. Artist, Title, Date.

Bibliography. Any source that you read during your research will be included here. Sources are in order by author’s last name.


The paper will be 900 to 1500 words (approximately 3 to 5 pages) with one-inch borders. The page count does not include images and bibliography. The font is 12-point Times New Roman. The text is double-spaced with only one space between the paragraphs; only one space after a period. Include footnotes and a bibliography exactly like the contextual analysis paper. A picture of the artwork should be placed before the bibliography but after the body of text.


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