As a public health manager, you are concerned with certain health issues trending in your local community. You will analyze factors affecting public and community health by creating an action plan spe

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As a public health manager, you are concerned with certain health issues trending in your local community. You will analyze factors affecting public and community health by creating an action plan specific to the disease or health condition within the community you selected in Wk 3. You will demonstrate your community assessment skills using data to drive health improvements in community and public health.

Assessment Deliverable

Write a 850- to 1,050-word action plan in which you share your analysis and support it with data findings, evidence-based interventions, and a plan to improve community health. In your action plan:

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  • Provide a brief introduction or snapshot of the disease or health condition, community, and SDOH you selected in Week 3.
  • Identify health disparities of the chosen disease or health concern (e.g., access to health care).
  • Describe how the health disparities impact the risk of the chosen disease. (e.g., many of these people are isolated in rural locations).
  • Analyze the local resource needs.
  • What are the public health departments, local organizations, or others doing to reduce the threat of the disease or health condition?
  • What services or resources are needed at the local level to address the gaps determined above?
  • How could you pursue those needed resources?
  • Recommend ways to decrease health disparities and improve community health as it relates to this disease or health condition.

Format your references according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assessment.

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