Assessment 1: Recruitment and Selection

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  • Write a 5-7 page recruitment and selection plan based on best practices and approaches for either Java Corp or an organization of your choice.
    Attracting top talent that fits the organization is of considerable importance. The ability to recruit and select talented people is one of the foundational skills for any human resource (HR) professional and one that will be utilized throughout your career.
    For this assessment, research the topics of recruitment and selection. Using one of the scenarios below, analyze best practices and approaches for these key HR functions. A minimum of three resources are required to support your work.
    For this assessment, choose either option 1 or 2. You do not need to do both. You will apply one of these scenarios in the instructions below. Both options will be graded using the same scoring guide.
    Option 1
    You are the new HR manager for Java Corp, which specializes in cold coffee and iced tea. Java Corp is small but quickly growing. There are 300 employees in the company and the organization has a history of a stable workforce with very limited turnover. Recently, the company gained over 200 employees and there are a number of supervisory and managerial positions that need to be filled. The CEO has asked you to work with her to fill positions based on an organizational structure she has just created.
    New supervisors and managers are needed in IT (one), marketing (one), operations (two), and security (one). Each of these areas has seasoned internal employees eager to compete for jobs, though some may not be as qualified as external candidates. Develop a recruitment and selection plan that is best suited for this situation and make appropriate recommendations to the CEO.
    Option 2
    Choose an organization to use for this assessment. It can be where you are currently employed or a company with which you are familiar. It must be an organization that is researchable, as you will need to gather and analyze information to complete the assessment. You may use the same organization for the other assessments.
    If you choose the organization where you are currently employed, please keep in mind that the analyses you make must be based on facts that can be documented rather than your personal opinion as an employee.
    Research the recruitment and selection functions of the chosen organization.
    Contact your faculty if you have questions.
    For this assessment, develop a recruitment and selection plan for the chosen organization. In your plan:

    • Analyze the role of the recruiter.
      • What unique opportunities and challenges are present for the selected company?
    • Outline a recruitment process to meet organizational objectives for the selected company.
      • Include a step-by-step process for the selection of supervisors and managers.
      • Include the best practices that support your recommended best recruitment plan. Consider the use of social media, types of employment tests, and how to conduct effective interviews, for example.
      • Include additional information that make the positions more attractive.
    • Explain an organization’s legal considerations for recruitment and selection functions.
    • Analyze how to measure success of the chosen selection method for the selected company.
      • What specific metrics would you use for your selected company?
    • Additional Requirements
      Your assessment should also meet the following requirements:
    • Length: 5-7 typed, double-spaced pages, in addition to a title page and reference page.
    • Written communication: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly and professional. Your writing should be:
      • Concise and logically organized.
      • Free of errors in grammar and mechanics.
    • Validation and support: Use a minimum of three relevant and credible scholarly or professional resources such as the Wall Street Journal to support your work. These resources should not include the resources found in the course.
    • APA format: Format all citations and references in accordance with current APA guidelines. Refer to the Evidence and APA Campus page for guidance.
    • Competencies Measured
      By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the course competencies through the following assessment scoring guide criteria:
    • Competency 1: Apply human resource strategies to business needs.
      • Outline a recruitment process to meet organizational objectives for the selected company.
    • Competency 2: Analyze core functions of human resource management.
      • Analyze the role of the recruiter.
      • Explain an organization’s legal considerations for recruitment and selection functions.
    • Competency 3: Analyze the strategic value of human resource management within a competitive global business environment.
      • Analyze how to measure success of the chosen selection method for the selected company.
    • Competency 4: Communicate effectively in a scholarly and professional manner.
      • Apply APA formatting to in-text citations and references.
      • Convey purpose in an appropriate tone and style, incorporating supporting evidence and adhering to organizational, professional, and scholarly writing standards.

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