Assignment 2 (3 page)

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Assignment Objective:

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The purpose of this analysis paper is to allow students an opportunity to conduct real-world secondary
research on relevant issues surrounding the role, function, and discipline of International Marketing as it
relates to market entry decision.

Assignment 2 Topic:

Discuss and explain the pros and cons of each of the different global market entry strategies: exporting,
licensing, joint venture, equity stake, and full ownership
In addition, discuss in detail, which one of above market entry strategies might be best suited for an initial
market entry into a specific country*, for a U.S. company in one of the following industries:

A. Consumer packaged goods industry

B. Automobile industry

C. Service Oriented Industry such as a restaurant or a hotel
Be sure to explain your rationale for selecting the best-suited initial market entry strategy over the other
available market entry options.

* You may choose the country that you have chosen for the project. (South Africa)


1) You may choose the country that you have chosen for your project.

2) Please indicate your industry selection in the title of Assignment 2 paper.

3) Research relevant sources from the library, e-library, databases etc. Confirm topical relevance
and source authenticity. Questionable articles or sources should not be used. You must use at
least five different sources. Wikipedia, any kind of blogs, .edu, papers from other students,
and will not be used as sources.

4) Address the assignment topic in your own words by providing your understanding of the issues,
unique opinions, logic, and exhibiting critical thinking skills. The best papers will provide your own
analytical insights into the topic and will be well articulated.

5) Paper should be 3 -4 pages in length excluding title page and references. The paper must follow
APA guidelines for formatting, citation, and listing references.

Please note that all ideas from sources other than yours must be cited using APA guidelines. This
includes not only direct quotes, but also paraphrasing.

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