Assignment 4: Contract Change Evaluation

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Note: The assignments are a series of papers that build upon one another.

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Refer the following resources to complete this assignment:

  • FAR § 43.2—Change Orders


  • FAR § 33.2—Disputes and Appeals


Good news! You have been awarded the contract, but there has already been a change made to the contract that needs to be addressed. Note: You create the change based on the scenario you have developed. Additionally, the change has resulted in a dispute.

Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:

  1. Select the appropriate administrative process to effect the change and explain your selection in the context of its appropriateness for the situation.
  1. Select the administrative and judicial process that will bring the dispute to a resolution and allow the contract to go forward.
  1. Analyze the planned actions in soliciting and awarding contracts and make recommendations to ensure the government agency in question is in compliance with the FAR requirements.
  2. Identify common compliance issues and develop recommendations to manage them throughout financing, administration, and closeout of contracts

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