bin sina essay

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Avicenna bonus assignment

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from Wikipedia:

Avicenna (/ˌævəˈsɛnə/; also Ibn Sīnā or Abu Ali Sina; Persian: ابن سینا‎; c. 980 – June 1037) was a Persian polymath who is regarded as one of the most significant physicians, astronomers, thinkers and writers of the Islamic Golden Age.[5] He has been described as the father of early modern medicine.[6][7] Of the 450 works he is known to have written, around 240 have survived, including 150 on philosophy and 40 on medicine.[8]

This is a project in what is sometimes called “comparative theology.”You will be comparing a Muslim philosopher, Avicenna (980-1037), to a Christian philosopher, Anselm (c. 1033-1109).Even though Anselm never read anything by Avicenna, you may find it interesting how similar some of their thoughts are.

Your assignment is to read sections 18-37 of Avicenna’s Metaphysica and write a short essay on it.This section discusses the Necessary Existent (i.e., God or Allah).I suggest using the subheadings to help you comprehend the flow of the argument.You will notice that it has a flow fairly similar to that of Anselm’s Proslogion, in that it moves from God’s existence to His attributes and finally to beatitude.

For your essay (300-500 words), summarize the main points that Avicenna makes and then describe how they compare to Anselm’s Proslogion.You do not need to re-read the Proslogion, just work from your class notes and consult the text as needed.

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