book about 80s

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80s Read-More-About-It Assignment

Convince a classmate that he or she should read a particular book about the 80s. Remember, you are not just saying a book is your favorite or that it’s a great read. You must argue how the book is a good supplement to the National Geographic programs..

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The Assignment:

  • Choose a book from those posted in Course Documents—(The Tetris Effect – Dan Ackerman )
  • I do not want an essay. One approach for the project would be to create a slideshow, so you could follow a similar format to the Online Presentations. Slide shows should have at least 10 slides. If you have other ideas, let me know.
  • Be sure that you consider the objectives of the course and your classmates as the intended audience. Then your argument should show how your recommended book is a good supplement.
  • Respond to two other students’ recommendations. Minimum 200 words.

Rubric Categories:
Your final version will be assessed on the following categories:

  • Audience (the level of understanding and engaging the intended audience)
  • Development (the level of examples, explanation, and evidence)
  • Synthesis (the level that the book matches objectives of the course)

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