BUS 317 Introduction to Business Law

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For your CLA2 assignment, you will expand the document you created in PA 1 and CLA 1. The new APA-formatted document should be 10- to 14-pages in length that now includes the following:

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  • A discussion of the contracts your company will enter into with:
    • Executives, Other employees, Suppliers, Trading partners, and Customers
  • A discussion of contract clauses dealing with potential litigation, mediation, and/or arbitration
  • Describe one contract in detail to cover:
    • Formation (Offer, acceptance, written versus oral)
    • Terms, Bilateral versus unilateral, terms, performance,
    • consideration, breach, damages, remedies, etc.
  • Describe a scenario where your company might declare bankruptcy
    • Describe the different chapters of bankruptcy and why or why not your company might choose each relevant chapter

Please take the time to edit your completed document properly, and to ensure that you have identified all quoted and paraphrased supporting information properly with complete in-text citations and references. Your CLA2 paper will be submitted to TurnItIn for a similarity review before grading is performed.


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