BUS520 Leadership and Organizational Behabvior week 6 Assignment 2

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BUS520 week 6 assignment.

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Due Week 6: 240 points

As you continue your consulting role, the next task is
to deliver a professional development program to the CEO of your chosen

It is important that your program’s proposal be based
on your research of emotional intelligence (EI) and specifically detail how a
new incentive program, based on an EI management approach, will:

▪ foster teamwork,

▪ strengthen interpersonal relationships,

▪ enhance communication,

▪ increase overall performance, and

▪ benefit not only managers but the bottom-line.


Create a double-spaced 5 to 7 page proposal that
includes the following components:

1) EI and Motivation

• Which of the EI building blocks would impact
management’s ability to enhance employee performance and job satisfaction?

• Based on your research on motivational theory,
describe how you would utilize positive or negative reinforcement to influence
the members of the organization and resolve the issue. Provide examples to
support your solution.

2) EI and Social Skills and Decision Making

• Explain how the core concepts of emotional
intelligence would enhance the social skills and the decision-making efficacy
of the management team.

3) Effective Teams

• Describe the core attributes of an effective team
and the strategies you would implement to develop team dynamics that will
benefit the organization.

4) Reward Systems

• Create an effective reward system for this
organization. Determine the strategies you would incorporate to motivate
employees and influence behavior.

5) References and Citations

• Provide at least 2 quality resources.

• In-text citations are required when paraphrasing or
quoting another source.

6) Formatting and Writing Standards

• Formatting and writing standards are part of your
grade. Align your formatting to the Strayer Writing Standards.


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