business case project final paper

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Each student is required to choose a respective organization to develop a comprehensive 7-10 page paper that will encompass the following: 1) an overlay of the organization 2) an understanding of their Equilibrium Theory 3) What steps and or ideas that were implemented 3) How are they now?

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Additionally, below is a series of questions that should assist you in getting the aforementioned answers:


  1. What is the problem, their equilibrium theory?
  1. How is the company structured?
  1. What are the strengths of your organization?
  1. What are the weaknesses of your organization?
  1. How would you describe the senior leadership within the organization?
  1. What is the vision and mission of the organization?


  1. Name the organization you will do your business case on such as (Amazon,Best buy,IKEA,walmart,SAMS club, etc)you don’t have choose from this
  2. Garner an understanding of the organization.
  3. Develop your action plan that will identify the specific steps (how), people (who), resources (what) and time period (when) for accomplishing each task. This plan will include your proximal goals and your overall distal goals.
  4. Cite any sources using APA format.
  5. Submit outline of your paper
  6. Submit a draft 2-3 page paper, identifying the major questions and concerns that must be addressed.
  7. We will have a brainstorming session in class to build on each other’s ideas. This will be a good time for someone to play devils advocate that should spur additional dialogue examining solutions.
  1. 8. Evaluate your alternatives and begin outlaying the strategy, and really define the how the final outcomes will be determined.

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