business com and science controversy

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So far this semester, you have learned about how to handle changes in your personal life as you begin to launch into your next phase, starting your career. You’ve analyzed your hard skills, soft skills, and talents. Now, it’s time to find an entry level job you are interested in applying for.


This assignment will have multiple parts. It may look overwhelming at first, but we will work together and accomplish it step-by-step. Upon completion of this project, you will have the knowledge of how to look for a job, a foundational resume from which to further develop in the future, a cover letter template, and an initial listing on LinkedIn that you can continue to develop as your career expands.

We will work on this project in class so you can have guidance from your instructor and your fellow students. Please bring your laptop or feel free to use the library computers as we begin this project. (Note: We may be meeting in the library–to be determined).

IMPORTANT: For submission, please submit an individual upload for each of the 5 parts.

Let’s get started!

Part 1: The Job Ad (30 points)

Look for an entry-level position that you would be interested in applying for. Please do not consider ads that require several years experience. I want this to be a realistic and practical assignment that you can duplicate.

    • Write down the entire ad description so you have all of the information and requirements listed.
    • Mark with a highlighter the key words and phrases that are included in the advertisement. Look for soft/hard skill descriptors, special key terms and phrases that are associated with that profession, and any other words or specific requirements listed. This is extremely important as most resumes are uploaded and often read by computer scanners which identify those resumes that meet these standards.
    • Do some of the requirements not match your specific background? Don’t stress! Consider ways that your personal background may provide an alternate, yet similar match. Or, do you meet the majority of requirements but are lacking in a few areas? Consider ways of explaining how you should still be considered. For example, you have a strong technology background in a multitude of different areas and are a fast-learner, etc. Many times applicants do not check every single box of requirements.

Part 2: The Company (30 points)

Knowing some general information about the company you are applying to is essential. Google the company and answer the following four basic questions:

Part 3: The Resume (50 points)

Based on the requirements of the posted job and your knowledge of the company, develop a 1-2 page resume that is appropriate. You may use any style of resume that you believe places you in best light. There is no ONE resume style. Google search and find one you are comfortable with. In it you must include:

Part 4: The Cover Letter (50 points)

Write a cover letter to the company that expresses your interest in applying for the specific position and incorporate the following:




Here is advice from Indeed regarding writing a cover letter: (8:02). (Links to an external site.)

Part 5: LinkedIn Account-Connect with your Professor (20 points)

If you do not have a LinkedIn Account, (they are free), set one up. You can add to it later but get your name, basic information, picture, school, major of study, etc. listed. When you have done this, screen shot it and copy/paste into your project but also –YOU MUST CONNECT WITH ME ON LINKEDIN–Required. This way I know you have an account set up. If you already have a LinkedIn account, screen shot and connect with me.

Part 6: Presentation to Class (20 points)

On the due date, each student will make a short 2 minute presentation to the class which will follow this scripted f

2-WORKBOOK ASSIGNMENT: Chapter 11- Writing and Interviewing for Employment-Preparing to Apply

Chapter 11: Writing and Interviewing for Employment-Preparing to Apply

Please respond to the following chapter application questions:

Rationale: Knowing the type of career field you are interested in is one of the first steps in the job application process. You may already have some terrific ideas of the type of industry you would like to work in, particular companies already in mind to which you would like to apply, or you might still be a little lost–which is normal. (It really is!) This assignment is designed to help you identify potential career fields and companies that match your career interest.

Directions: Answer the following questions-

  • What career or industry area(s) interest you at this time in your life and why? If you are unsure of a career/industry area, what are general areas of interest you have that could be applied to a career (in other words, think backwards and then you can later explore career and industry areas that match.) Please list and explain. Note: Do not limit yourself to one career field if several are of interest to you. You may have several areas that might not even relate to each other that you are considering. That’s also perfectly normal. This is the time to explore! Remember, these assignments are all about you and helping you to better define your future path. So do not limit yourself on this assignment simply because it may take more time to list several areas.
  • Identify three companies that you would enjoy exploring to work for based solely on the product, service, or reputation and explain why.
  • Picture yourself 5 years in the future. What do you see yourself doing professionally? What do you hope you are NOT doing professionally?

3- is the document I will attach you need to write 2’ 3 page about it and all the reference need to be below the years of 2002. Name of this class science controversies.

4’ I will send you 8 reply later

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