Business Ethics – A civil action

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After watching the video “a civil action”, identify 3 of the most unethical people and or organizations.

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Write an essay in which you analyze each of the 3 including why you selected them, what they did which you deemed unethical, the results of their actions, money or results and what should have been done.

You are also identify 2 entities who/which acted ethically. Tell what they did and why you consider this ethical.

Please be specific and give examples.

Format: 4-6 pages double spaced – using Times New Roman 11

Reference textbook: Business Ethics A Textbook with Cases 9th edition

Assumptions: you may take realistic assumptions to provide further detail to your analysis. You should also consider including ethical principles such as Utilitarianisms, rights, justice and or care.

Cover all sides: present a careful and thorough analysis of the ethics or lack of ethics. Most good essay will have 5-6 paragraphs:

1. introduction to your paper an subjects for discussion.

2. Paragraph for each selected entity including what, why, etc. and specific examples

3. Summary paragraph

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