Business Pitch + Financial Assumptions, Cash Burn, etc. (Excel needed)

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I’m giving a business pitch on a fictional bridal shop based in South Africa, I need financials to reflect these requirements (and I have attached an example):

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  1. 24-month cash projections
  2. Assume you start from the beginning
  3. Assume you received $500,000 from Angels
  4. Figure out how much investment you will need and assume you get it
  5. Year-end financial statements for Years 1 and 2 (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement)
  6. Assumptions: Write them out (and then reflect them in the projections, including the investment from VCs you think you need and how the money will be used)
  7. Calculate a proposed pre- and post-money valuation for your company, based on your written assumptions and/or calculations for Series A round of financing of at least $2 million.

My first attempt was not a success and I got feedback: You need to show that the market grows substantially over the next five to seven years, even if the market is large now. That is a main reason why VCs invest in companies. Remember I sent you a 10-slide outline of what you need to cover.

You have historical financial statements but no assumptions, which are key to understanding why the financial statements look like they do. These look like they came from someone since there is debt of $10 million, etc. I asked that you show only $500,000 in angel money over the first two years. The company will be in Year 3 and you should produce two years (24 months) of cash burn projections for years 3 and 4, also supported by assumptions, showing why you will need at least $1 million in VC investment. You do not need to have a pre- and post-money valuation (which, BTW, depends on the percentage of equity in the company, which you did not mention).

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