can you write a good essay about the chocolat book by joanne harris?

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You will write a comparison of the two antagonists in the novel Chocolat. These two are opposites in many ways, but they also have some similarities. This essay should be about 750 to 1200 words long.This essay counts for about 10% of your final grade.

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§You will write this paper in three stages.In the first stage, you will compare and contrast Vianne and Father Reynaud in at least three different ways.

§In the second stage, you will imagine several ways that either Vianne or Reynaud could have deescalated their rising conflict.

§Then in the third stage, you will add a reflective dimension to the paper by comparing and contrasting yourself with each of these two characters in the three categories that you previously introduced.


1. You will begin by introducing the contrasts between Father Reynaud and Vianne in general terms.

2.The heart of the paper will be a careful comparison and contrast between Father Reynaud and Vianne in three specific areas. I would like you to cite the book at least 10 times in this section. You can use a mix of summary, paraphrase and direct quotes, but remember, use quotes sparingly. Also, although APA style does not require page numbers for paraphrases, I would like you to do so in this paper.

3. You will then write one or more paragraphs in which you propose ways to mitigate the conflict between these two characters. These ways could be things done by either character or by a third character in the novel.

4. Finally, you will describe yourself in relation to these two characters, both in general and in terms of the three specific areas that you compared/contrasted in the second part.

Peer Review, Revising, Editing and Correcting

In the process of writing this paper (and all the papers in this class), you will share your writing with at least one other member of the class.You are expected to learn from the feedback of your peers and make changes that result in an improved paper. You will also meet with a writing tutor in the writing center to gain their feedback on your work.

In the final stage of writing, edit your paper carefully so that your grammar, spelling, and punctuation are as correct as they can be.


Your essay should be typed, double-spaced, 11-point serif font.The length of the essay should be about 3 to 5 pages (about 750-1200 words).Your essay should have a heading in the top left corner and unique title in the center of the page under the heading as the previous paper did. Please make sure to identify the novel (in italics) and author somewhere in the introduction paragraph.

This is a personal essay because it includes your own experiences, opinions, and feelings, but it is also academic.It should meet the standards for relatively formal academic writing.Your essay will be graded based on the rubric that is part of the syllabus. It is expected that you cite the novel at least eight times in this essay and use proper APA style. Also, do not forget to include the novel in a works cited list at the very end of the paper.

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