Case Analysis M4A1:

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Case Analysis – M4A1 – Use of Power and Influence in Teams

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To: Consulting Team

From: CEO

Re: Internal Conflict

Well, I am disappointed to have to address this issue with your team. As you know, I was looking for you to create a highly effective and efficient team. In order to achieve this goal, all team members must carry their weight equally. A few weeks ago, you read about loafing behaviors in teams, and even advised one of our clients on how to deal with this. Now, of all things, I have received an anonymous memo from one of your team members expressing his/her concern that one of you, who has been assigned by the team to analyze a competitor’s website, has failed to bring the analysis to scheduled meetings. The team clearly needed this analysis to complete a project for our client on time. Consequently, your team is falling behind and we may lose this client’s business.

We cannot have this situation occur in this company, especially from “experts” in organizational behavior. You need to resolve this by working together as if each of you were leaders of your team. Tell me how would you use your power and influence to develop the effective and efficient team that I need you to be.


Create a paper that includes three (3) different memos addressed to your anonymous team member using three (3) different types of power and influence tactics you feel would work best in this situation. Support your choices with material from the chapter readings.( Organizational Behavior Phillips & Gully chapter 10)

Your paper should have one introduction that explains why you are presenting these three memos.

The memos should be one paragraph in length and be numbered Memo #1, Memo #2, and Memo #3.

Following each memo, provide a paragraph explaining the power and influence you were attempting to use and why you choose that combination.

Provide a title page with your team number and members’ names.

Your content should include 600 words, and use a double-spaced Times New Roman font.

You should include headings, topic sentences, and the inclusion of the weekly learning.

Citations and references should be APA compliant.

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