case introduction

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1. A nurse manager on a busy unit is going to have a new nursing instructor on the unit. The nurse manager is to go over patient census with the nursing instructor and assign nursing students to the patients. Upon arrival of the nursing instructor, the nurse manager is attending a current emergency and the nurse manager gives the nurse instructor her personal work log in information for the nursing instructor to use for herself and her students.

2. A 6 month old is brought into the emergency room. He has a large bruise to the right side of his head. The mother tells you that he was sitting on the floor and when she swung his car seat around she accidentally hit him in the head. You are about to report the incident when his pediatrician shows up. You work with this pediatrician and she tells you “I know these parents, she is telling the truth.” The baby has a skull fracture. What do you do?

3. Judie has been the nurse manager of her unit for the past ten years and is highly regarded by the hospital’s administration. For the past several months, however, she has been feeling more frustrated and less satisfied with her work because of staffing cuts and other institutional decisions related to managed care. Attending to patient needs has always been the most rewarding part of her job. However, recently she feels that she has been forced to overlook these needs and attend more to the needs of the organization. She considers leaving, but she has seniority, good benefits, and two children to support. She is also aware that her distress at work is affecting her family, because she carries a lot of the frustration home with her.

By the due date assigned, read the case study as assigned by the facilitator and submit a 5–6 pages in response to the questions.

Submission Details:

  • Post your response as a Word document using APA 6th Edition format to the Submissions Area.
  • Name your document SU_NSG4070_W5_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.
  • Summarize the case in an introduction.
  • Identify values evident in this situation.
  • Which of these reflect your personal values?
  • What conflicts might arise from these values?
  • Address the specific questions associated with the case.
  • Provide a conclusion.

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