Case Management:M4 Assignment: Exchanging Views

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After completing all required readings and successfully starting your discussion for the module begin work on the written assignment to be submitted by the end of the module. Be sure to use any insight gained from the text or discussion when creating this assignment.

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  • Choose two (2) of the eleven (11) discrepancies of exchanging views found in Chapter 10 that you as a case manager would have the most difficulty dealing with.
    • Identify how consumer situations can be contradictory to growth
    • Describe the consumer discrepancy and your personal feelings towards the discrepancy.
    • Using course concepts how would you address the discrepancy with the consumer?
    • should be 500 words and in app format

    Discrepancies:The person says one thing but does another
    the client has one perception of events or circumstances, and you have anotherthe client tells you one thing but body language display a different messagethe client say they hold certain values but the clients behvior violates those valuesThe client has unrealistic expectations of youthe client has unrealistic expectations for themselvesthe client ask for assistance but actions indicate the client is not interestedthe clients behavior is contradictorythe client is dealing with behavior that appears destructiveThe client is looking for solutions to the problem

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